With courage and perseverance, whatever you do. You can believe in yourself. And if choose to believe, that you can do anything you set your mind to and you will manifest it. It’s a strong belief system. Having focused intention that you can manifest what
you want into reality. And believe know this is a fact. When I started in the industry many years ago at 26 yr.’s old. What came to learn over the years to pass on to others. Is to love you first!” That is the best, way to bring love and partner in to your life. “We get busy with work and family, friends. You forget about you “What and who really loves you first. Ask yourself’!

My job over the years was to understand and assist others and to help them understand they, have a right to be loved. But first get to know who they are as a human being. Helping them focus, on what missing. Wow!’ From the outside looking in. I realized that people where becoming more and more conditioned in everyday with the dating of today to settle for less than what they were worth. Or what they were looking for. You are more than worth a serial, date. “Yes, I said it.! People where simply not understanding the where not wanting to do the work in relationships anymore. Or I found they did not know how. It is a lot easier to tell a total stranger what is going on than to be judged by their peers. But if people believe and they receive within themselves that any is possible. They just did not want to believe they could have their mate. Why it was so hard. I would say I have work to do. It is time to take the wheel and become the captain of your own ship. Ladies’ and gentlemen there are only so many trips to the coffee shop where can drink a cup of coffee in a week.

Or ways to buy dinner’s with not a result for or know, the red flags. A glimpse of real human contact. Or knowing if that person is who they say they are. “When I worked at the dating service in my assessments, I knew in my heart. Such is never the case or the truth. It does not matter who you are. “Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. “You could not work the company unless you truly believed in love. Those who did not believe did not last long. I realize that we all are unique with special gifts and talents. You begin to act toward your desires. And If you can think it, you can do it.  Doors begin to open and expand with a new sense of awareness and be will bring your partner into life to reality. We create our own, reality. “Clients would always say Angel how could would that work. I am too busy or whatever excuse they had for that day. I knew it would work because I knew they were worth it enough until they believed for themselves!” You are worthy! You are worth It”!

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